Privacy Policy

Welcome to রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান, a service provided by Musicool Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান”, “Musicool”, “we” “our, us”). রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান is a mobile applicaton where you will get all Rabindrasangit’s lyrics, notations, relevant info, audios, videos, and events in a single platform.


Thanks for choosing রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান. To provide you with the রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান Services, Musicool Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান”, “Musicool”, “we” “our, us”) needs to collect some information about you. Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use and disclose your information when you use রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান our mobile apps (the “Apps“) and (the “Website”), and all related sites, players, widgets, tools, apps, data, software, APIs and other services provided by রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান (the “Services”). By using the Website, the Apps or any of the Services, and in particular by registering for a রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account, you are consenting to the use of your information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, you should not use the Website, the Apps or any of the Services.


Please take some time to read this Privacy Policy (including the Cookies Policy), and make sure you are happy with our use and disclosure of your information. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at


Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the Website, the Apps and the Services (together, the “Platform”). When using the Platform, you may find links to other websites, apps and services, or tools that enable you to share information with other websites, apps and services. রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান is not responsible for the privacy practices of these other websites, apps and services and we recommend that you review the privacy policies of each of these websites, apps or services before connecting your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account or sharing any personal data.



The information we collect


You don’t need to provide us with any personal data in order to visit the Website. However, certain Services do require that you register for a রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account and, by doing so, you will provide us with certain information.


Information provided while Registration


When you sign up for the Service, we may collect information we ask you for, like your name, password, e-mail address, and mobile number. If you connect to the Service using your Facebook/google+ credentials, you authorize us to collect your authentication information, such as your username, encrypted access credentials, and other information that may be available on or through your Facebook/google+ account, including your name, profile picture, country, hometown, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, friends’ names and profile pictures and networks. We may store these information and may verify your credentials with Facebook/google+. In addition, if you purchase a Subscription, you will also need to provide your real name, billing address and payment verification information.


Information provided by you


  • Information from correspondence: You will provide certain personal data if you contact us by email, use any of the web forms on the Website, or contact us by mail, or other offline means.
  • Survey information: If you participate in any survey, you will provide certain personal data as part of your response, unless you respond anonymously.
  • Information that you post: You may provide personal data when you post event or request admin to upload your recorded audio or video Rabindrasangit to the Platform.


Information we collect automatically


There is certain information that we collect automatically as the result of your use of the Platform, or through the use of web analytics services as described in our Cookies Policy. This information includes but is not limited to:


  • information about your type of subscription and your, interactions with the Service, including with songs, lyrics, notations, relevant info, events, Tagore’s thoughts on music, Third Party Applications (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) and advertising, products and services which are offered, linked to or made available on the Service. Information about the specific actions that you take on the Platform, including the pages that you visit, streaming, listening tracks, uploading tracks via requesting admin, connecting your Facebook or Google+ account, sharing a content with another user, posting an event, or performing a search;
  • technical data, which may include the URL you are coming from, your IP address of the device from which you access the Platform (this can sometimes be used to derive the country or city from which you are accessing the Platform), network and computer performance, your browser type and operating system, language and identifying information, transactional information;
  • the details of the queries you make;
  • the time, frequency and duration of your visits to the Platform
  • the nature of the device from which you are accessing the Platform, for example, whether you are accessing the Platform from a personal computer or from a mobile device and its device-ID
  • your location data (e.g. GPS), location information. If you have connected your account to Facebook/Google+, we may receive similar information related to your interactions with the Service on Facebook/Google+.
  • information collected through cookies and similar technology, as described in our Cookies Policy


Other Services


You may integrate your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account with third party services like Facebook or Google+ etc. (“Other Integrated Services”). If you do, we may receive, use and share the categories of information described above, including information made publically available on or through your account of such Other Integrated Service, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.




রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান allows you to sign up and log in using your Facebook account. If you sign up or log in using Facebook, Facebook will ask your permission to share certain information from your Facebook account with রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান. This includes your name, email address etc. in order for us to verify your identity and general location, a link to your Facebook profile, your timezone, birthday, profile picture, your “likes” and your network.This information is collected by Facebook and is provided to us under the terms of Facebook’s privacy policy.


If you sign up to রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান using Facebook, your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account will be connected automatically to your Facebook account, and you can share information regarding your activity on রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান, specifically any new event that you post on রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান and any new favorites, can be shared with Facebook and published in your timeline and your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds.




You can sign up and log in to রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান using your Google+ account. When you sign up or log in using Google+, Google will ask your permission to share certain information from your Google+ account with রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান. This includes your name, email address in order for us to verify your identity and general location, a link to your Google+ profile, your timezone, birthday, profile picture, your “likes” and your network. This information is collected by Google and is provided to us under the terms of Google’s privacy policy.


If you sign up to রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান using Google+, your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account will be visible on Google to everyone in your Google+ circles and shared with Google according to Google’s terms of service and Google’s privacy policy. For more information on how to manage the activities you share back to your Google+ account, see Google’s support page.


Payment data


When you sign up for a Paid Accounts (as defined in the Terms and Conditions), or make other purchases through the Service, your debit/credit card information and other financial data that we need to process your payment are collected and stored by third party payment processors. We may collect some limited information, such as your postal code, mobile number and details of your transaction history. In addition, the third party payment processors generally provide us with some limited information related to you, such as a unique token that enables you to make additional purchases using the information they’ve stored, and your card’s type, expiration date, and last four digits.


Contests & surveys


From time to time, we may offer you the chance to participate in contests, and surveys (“Special Promotions”) through the Service. A Special Promotion may be governed by a privacy policy and/or terms and conditions that are separate from this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. If the provisions of the Special Promotion’s privacy policy or terms and conditions conflict with this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions, those separate terms and conditions or privacy policy shall prevail. If you participate in a Special Promotion, we may ask you for certain personal information in addition to what is stated in this Privacy Policy. That additional information may be combined with other account information and may be used and shared as described in this Privacy Policy.


Cookies information


In common with most websites, we use cookies and other standard Internet technologies to help us improve the Website and the Apps and Services we provide. We use these cookies to analyze how the Service is accessed, used or is performing. We use this information to maintain, operate and continually improve the Service.


A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, mobile phone, or other device when you visit a website. The cookie will help website providers to recognize your device the next time you visit their website. There are other similar technologies that can also do the same thing as cookies. We use the term “cookies” in this policy to refer to cookies and all such similar technologies that collect information in this way.


We use these cookies to serve you with advertisements that may be relevant to you and your interests. The information may also be used for frequency capping purposes and to help us regulate the advertisements you receive and measure their effectiveness.


In addition, third party advertisers or third party ad servers that place and present advertising on the website also may collect information from you via cookies, web beacons, clear .gifs or similar technologies. These third party advertisers and ad servers may use the information they collect to help present their advertisements, to help measure and research the advertisements’ effectiveness, or for other uses. The use and collection of your information by these third party advertisers and ad servers is governed by the relevant third party’s privacy policy and is not covered by our privacy policy. Indeed, the privacy policy of these third party advertisers and ad servers may be different from our privacy policy.


We may allow our business partners to use cookies on the রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান Service for the same purposes identified above. We may also use service providers acting on our behalf to use cookies for the purposes identified above. We work with web publishers, advertising networks and service providers to deliver রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান ads on other web sites. Cookies may be used to serve you with advertisements that may be relevant to you and your interests on other web sites and to regulate the advertisements you receive and measure their effectiveness.


Manage your preferences


Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, or delete certain cookies. Generally you should also be able manage similar technologies in the same way that you manage cookies – using your browsers preferences. The following links show how to adjust the browser settings of commonly used browsers:



Please note that if you choose to block cookies, this may impair or prevent due functioning of the রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান Service.


One of the third party services we use to track activity related to the Service, e.g. by placing cookies are Google Analytics. If you don’t want any information to be collected and used by Google Analytics you can install an opt-out in your web browser (


How we use your information


We use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes:


(a) Use of and interaction with the Platform –


  • Your email address and password are used to identify you when you sign into the Platform. Your device-IDs are used to ensure that you are in control of the devices that have access to your Subscription.
  • To provide you with access to or use of the Services or functionality and to monitor your use of such Services or functionality. To operate and maintain your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account, and to provide you with access to the Website and use of the Apps and any Services that you may request from time to time.
  • To provide our user, personalized and improved experience with the Service
  • To help us improve the content and functionality of the Services, to better understand our Users
  • To provide you with technical support when you are in need
  • To respond to you about any comment or enquiry you have submitted.
  • To identify you as the creator of the event that you post or the other contributions that you make to the Platform.
  • To seek your participation in surveys, and to conduct and analyze the results of those surveys if you choose to participate.
  • If you purchase a Subscription, your name, address and payment verification information will be used to process your account subscription and to collect your payment. All payment verification information is transmitted using industry-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.
  • Your email id will be used to provide answer to your question or resolve your problem. Apart from this your email address will be used to send you service updates and notifications regarding your account, and (if you have elected to receive them using your account preferences) newsletters, marketing messages and certain email notifications.
  • To prevent or take action against activities that are, or may be, in breach of our Terms and Conditions, or applicable law.
  • If we intend to use any Personal Data in any manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy, you will be informed of such anticipated use prior to or at the time the Personal Data is collected or we will obtain your consent subsequent to such collection but prior to such use.


(b) Improving and customizing the Platform and advertising-


  • To analyze the use of the Platform, and the people visiting the Website and using the Apps and Services, in order to improve and customize it to your needs and interests.
  • To show you interesting রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান ads, when you visit third party websites. When you see our ads on a third party website or apps, we or third party services we engage for this purpose, may collect information your browser or mobile app makes available when seeing the ad (e.g. ip-addresses, referral URL, browser details).
  • To show you ads on behalf of advertisers, we use information that you make available to us when you interact with the Platform (e.g. by listening, liking or creating playlists), including location data. This allows us to show you ads that are more relevant and interesting to you. Please note that we do not share personal data with advertisers. Instead, advertisers pre-define a specific audience by certain generic criteria (e.g. the city of residence, the age range, or the number of followers of an unidentified user) for a specific ad campaign. If your profile matches these generic criteria, we may choose to display a suitable ad to you. We may also display ads based on the content that you have recently viewed or searched.
  • When we engage third party services such as ad-networks that enable us showing you interest based ads, we may also allow them to collect certain information such as cookie data from you. This information would allow these third-parties to deliver targeted advertisements that they believe will be of most interest to you. If you allow third party websites to collect and share data when you interact with their platform, ad-networks may use that information together with the information we allow them to collect on the Platform. Please see the privacy policy of such third party websites to understand what data may be collected and how to opt-out.
  • To customize your use of the Platform and/or the content of any email newsletter or other material that we may send to you from time to time.


How we share the information we collect


No Sale


We are not in the business of selling your Personal Data. We consider this information to be a vital part of our relationship with you. Therefore, we will not sell your Personal Data to third parties, including third party advertisers. There are, however, certain circumstances in which we may disclose, transfer or share your Personal Data with certain third parties without further notice to you, as set forth below.


Sharing with Facebook and other services


You can connect your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account to your accounts on third party services like Facebook/Google+ etc. in which case we may collect, use, disclose, transfer and store/retain information relating to your account with such third party services in accordance with this Privacy Policy. For example, if you connect with Facebook, we store your Facebook id, first name, last name, email, location, friends list and profile picture and use them to connect with your Facebook account to provide certain functionality on the Services, like recommending events that your Facebook friends are interested in and sharing the events you are interested in, or attending, with certain groups of people like your Facebook friends.


রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান also enables you to share a particular content, on an individual basis, to third party services like Facebook/Google+ etc. by using the share functionality in the Service. Please note that sharing of such content on a third party service may be posted as activity on the Service, regardless of your account settings. রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান may store your username and an access token or similar credentials obtained from the third party service, so that you are able to share particular items of content, on that third party service, on an individual basis, without entering your access credentials again. You understand and agree that Facebook’s or other third parties’ use of information they collect from you is governed by their privacy policies, and রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান’s use of such information is governed by this Privacy Policy.


Sharing with Third Party Applications


To personalize your experience, we may share some information we have collected about you with providers of Third Party Applications, such as high-level geographic information, your musical preferences, settings and technical data. However, we take precautions to prohibit Third Party Application providers from attempting to identify you by using the information we provide to them or by collecting additional information without your consent.


Service providers and others


We may share your Personal Data with our contractors and service providers who process Personal Data on behalf of Musicool Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to perform certain business-related functions. These companies include our marketing agencies, database service providers, backup and disaster recovery service providers, email service providers and others. When we engage another company to perform such functions, we may provide them with information, including Personal Data, in connection with their performance of such functions.


Other sharing


In addition to the above, we may also share your information to third parties for these limited purposes:


  1. As we develop our business, we might sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, Personal Data may be part of the transferred assets. You acknowledge and agree that any successor to or acquirer of Musicool Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (or its assets) will continue to have the right to use your Personal Data and other information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  2. We may disclose your Personal Data if required to do so by law in order to (for example) respond to a subpoena or request from law enforcement, a court or a government agency (including in response to public authorities to meet national security or law enforcement requirements), or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to (a) comply with a legal obligation, (b) protect or defend our rights, interests or property or that of third parties, (c) prevent or investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Services, (d) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of Users of the Services or the public, or (e) protect against legal liability, f) to address fraud, security or technical issues;
  3. We may also share your Personal Data with our parent companies, subsidiaries and/or affiliates for purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy. Our parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates will be bound to maintain that Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  1. We will disclose your information if you have explicitly agreed that we may do so. We will make this clear to you at the point at which we collect your information.
  2. Advertisers may use third party services to ensure their ads are properly served and to measure the success of their campaigns on websites and apps. We allow these services to collect and use the information for such purposes.
  3. As aggregated data: We may aggregate your personal data with similar data relating to other users of the Platform in order to create statistical information regarding the Platform and its use, which we may then share with third parties or make publicly available. However, none of this information would include any email address or other contact information, or anything that could be used to identify you individually, either online or in real life.


You understand and agree that the privacy policies of third parties will govern all use of information that we provide to them under this section.


Choice and control


We do our best to give you as much choice as possible regarding the amount of information you provide to us, and the control you have over that information.


It is not necessary for you to provide us with any personal data in order to visit the Website, although certain information will be collected automatically by virtue of your visit (as described above). Through your settings, you can choose which communications you receive from us. However, please note that it may not be possible to make certain information private on the Service, including your name and/or username, profile picture, and other basic information.


Email and notification preferences


When you are signed into your account, you can access your Settings in my profile section. From the settings section you can tell us:


  • which email notifications (if any) you would like to receive from us; and

You can also turn off email notifications from the Settings. This will immediately disable all email notifications, other than essential account notifications such as important service updates, reports of copyright infringement and other essential information relating to your account and your use of the Platform.

It is also possible to unsubscribe from email newsletters and notifications (other than essential account notifications) at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each email.


Sharing with other apps and networks


If you sign up for রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান using your Facebook or Google+ account, your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account and your Facebook or Google+ account respectively will be connected automatically. Content that you share with Facebook will appear on your timeline and in your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds. Content you share with Google+ will be seen by the people from your Google+ circles when they visit your Google+ profile, make relevant Google searches, on Google-served ads, and the services selected in your Google account settings.


Customizing the Platform and personalized ads


We may also use third party services using cookies or similar technologies showing you personalized ads on our behalf. Please see our Cookies Policy for how to opt-out of those. Please be aware that even if you opt out of interest-based ads, you may still see ads, which likely are not as appealing to you.


Deleting your account


You can delete your account from the Account page within your Settings on the App at any time. Please bear in mind that, if you delete your account, all data associated with your account, including the events that you have uploaded and the usage data associated with those events, will be deleted and may not be recoverable.


Even if you delete your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account, it is possible that your information may still show up in some internet search results for a short while afterwards, if the search engine maintains a temporary cache of web pages. Search engines’ caching processes are outside of রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান’s control and therefore we cannot be responsible for any information that remains cached by search engines after that information has been removed from the Platform.


Please note that deleting any third party apps to which your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account is connected, will not delete your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account. If you wish to delete your account, you will need to do so from the Account Settings on the App. Similarly, if you delete a third party app that is connected to your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account over our API, this will not necessarily delete all data from within that third party app. You will need to refer to the app provider’s terms of use and privacy policy to find out how to delete your data from that third party app.


Access to your data


Most of the personal data and other information you provide to us can be accessed and updated in the Settings page of your রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান account. If you wish to access any other personal data we hold about you, or if you have any objection to the processing of any personal data that we hold about you, please contact us at


If you ask us to delete your account (either via the Settings page or by email), we will do so within a reasonable period of time, but we may need to retain some of your personal data in order to satisfy our legal obligations, or where we have a legitimate reason for doing so.


International data transfers


Musicool is based in India, and your personal information is collected, stored, used and shared in accordance with Indian laws. If you are a user accessing the services from any other country you are transferring your Personal Information to India. You should be aware that privacy laws in India may not be equivalent to the laws in your country, and by using the Platform, you consent to the transfer, storage and processing of your personal data in India in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law.




We may display advertisements from third parties and other content which links to third party websites. We cannot control or be held responsible for third parties’ privacy practices and content. Please read their privacy policies to find out how they collect and process your personal information.


Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy


We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy, and when we do so, we will also revise the Effective Date set out below. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will always be available here so that রবীন্দ্রসংগীত স্বরবিতান users are always aware of what information we gather, and how we might use and share that information. Please be sure to check back here from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes to this Privacy Policy.


Dispute Resolution


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, want to suggest changes to this Privacy Policy or have any complaint about our privacy practices you should write email to We will take reasonable steps to work with you to attempt to resolve your complaint.



Effective as from 10 June 2017.